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Re: XMLLight - What do you think?

Hi Patrick,

First of all thank you for your time, and I'm absolutely not
surprised with your critic, actually I expected one.

But I really think I have to say that there was no "anonymous manner"
of posting. There is my valid email, name, etc. (Indeed, I'm subscribed to 
this mailing list on my hotmail account and I don't want to receive all this 
mail on my main account).

Second, I'm not selling anything from the Web, even no advertisements,
so I'm not interested in marketing.

But if we'll talk about XMLLight, I can share my experience why
I'm using it:

1. I think it is kind of not clever when you are using DOM model to
create something simple as "<text>here is a text</text>".
XMLLight solves this problem. Nothing really significant (except of
the string above) created in memory.

2. Sometimes you need to process in large document only small part of it
(like in example "Read large XML document"), and then using this information 
extract something more. So why DOM or SAX model should process all document 
and parse all nodes, if I'll never use it?
XMLLight solves this problem. It searches only requested elements, all other 

3. I don't like the complication of using DOM or SAX, it mast be simplified, 
and there is a lot of complains about it.
XMLLight solves this problem. I really like how easy it is to write program 
using it.

4. I'm using it to exchange the information with applets,
so I need a small size. XMLLight solves this problem. Yes, everything is
in one class, but this class is very small, so why not, if it does a job?

Of course XMLLight has limitations, this is why it is mentioned in capital 
letters several times on the main page. But I work with XML for 2 years and 
I really don't understand why you are saying, "XMLLight is good for... ".

Attributes supported, empty elements supported, All entities are 
encoded/decoded automatically and you don't need to worry about it (and it 
means you don't need CDATA). In 90% that is what people need.

And again it was written to be used in distributed applications,
so you know that your XML document created properly (by computer),
as well you know the structure of XML document (so you don't need DTD).

The only reason I posted this message because I found XMLLight to be really 
useful, and anyway I'm very grateful for any reports or opinions, good or 

Thank you, best regards!


>From: Patrick Ohl <Patrick.Ohl@o-h-l.de>
>To: "xml-dev@lists.xml.org" <xml-dev@lists.xml.org>
>Subject: Re: XMLLight - What do you think?
>Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 12:03:21 +0200
>Hi again Vadim,
>Well, I just wrote my anwser to SUN's XML mailing list. But I have to
>admit that I think neither Announcements nor Cross-Postings are very
>apprechiated on XML-Dev.
>         Patrick
>P.S.: For the folks who are interested, here my reply from SUN's XML
>Hi Vadim,
>Why do you post this in this anonymous manner? Why no name below the
>mail? Why the hotmail account? Why not your normal mail address
>mailto:vadim@softcorporation.com ?
>Marketing as usual, ha? (I personaly know how hard it is to get some
>hits on your page. My own is up now for couple of month and some 300
>guys only clicked it...)
>Never mind. Announcement are not forbidden in this mailing list (as far
>as I know).                                                         <<
>see above >>
>If you like to hear my humble opinion, take a seat.
>Everyone who reads the "Limitation" section on the project page, knows
>what XMLLight is good for... (Maybe it can be used in some fields
>as Applets or so.)
>I think the API is worse than DOM (what I personally don't like). It
>seems to me that all 17 (or so) DOM interfaces are mingled up in one
>class (com.softcorporation.xmllight.Element).
>If your programming changed by it, I don't know if it changed for good.
>DOM s not very object-orientated as you cannot add functionality to the
>nodes/elements/data. I don't see any advantage for XMLLight there.
>And btw. I don't trust implementations consisting of one single class
>(not even inner classes) to be good programming style. Java is an
>object-orientate language, so use the advantages of it!
>Vadim, sorry for the bad critics, but you asked for it.
>May the source be with you!
>         Patrick
>Vadim Permyakov wrote:
> >
> > XMLLight - What do you think?
> > -----------------------------
> > The SoftCorporation LLC. releases FREE TINY Java API to provide limited 
> > support for distributed applications. XMLLight is a 100% pure Java 
> > The size of xmllight.jar file is less then 8 KB.
> >
> > XMLLight aims to combine the small size, speed and easy of use - all in 
> > The home page for the XMLLight project can be found in the 
> > LLC. Web site http://www.softcorporation.com/products/xmllight.
> >
> > XMLLight handles well large XML documents and it does not require a lot 
> > memory.
> >
> > Since I started using it - all my style of programming changed. Instead 
> > creating Java classes I'm using XMLLight Elements...
> >
> > So, what do you think about it?
> >
><< Patrick.Ohl.vcf >>

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