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FYI - XML articles (XLink, when not to use XML)

Using XLink to simplify the representation of data
This column takes a look at how to use XLink pointers when representing
data to make XML documents more compact and flexible. Sample code shows
examples of an invoice with and without the XLink pointers, plus an example
of using XLinks with a URL-addressable database.

Answers to the question "When shouldn't you use XML?"
Today the computing world tends toward using XML for any and all formal
specifications and data descriptions. The author, a big fan of XML, asks a
blasphemous question: "Is XML totalitarianism a good idea?" In this opinion
piece, Terence Parr, co-founder of jGuru, demonstrates that XML does not
make the best human interface. He also provides questions to ask yourself
to determine if XML is appropriate even for your project's
program-to-program interface needs.

Long-term persistence: Serialize JavaBean component state to XML
The ability to save the JavaBean component state for long-term persistence
within an XML document has been a topic of much discussion with Java
developers in the past few years. This feature has finally been adopted in
the 1.4 version of J2SE. This article shows you how to use the new
XMLEncoder and XMLDecoder classes, bypassing serialization and allowing you
to generate fully initialized bean instances.