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RE: XML tutorial comments

This is one of the better tutorials that I've seen! You avoided the pitfalls I've found in many other tutorials, such as the lack of example code and unfriendly printing. The latter is ironic because those sites tout the power of XML but do not use it to create a PDF version.
Depending on how serious you are about the tutorial, maybe you can allow users to ask questions. You could then post the questions and answers in your tutorial, reflecting how people are actually using XML. Alternatively, grab some of the items in this mailing list. I found that too many sites offer generic XML how-to's that only cover the basics when I want answers to specific queestions.
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From: Martin Gallagher [mailto:mail@stylishmonkey.com]
Sent: August 2, 2001 7:19 PM
To: XML List
Subject: XML tutorial comments

Hey people, I'm trying to make GOOD tutorial covering XML and how to harness its powers etc.. The tutorial I have written can be found at http://www.stylishmonkey.com/tutorials/xml/xml-tutorial.php, the tutorial is not yet finished but I would like to know if you XML loving people like it? I have tried not to stray into explaining too much about XSL(T), XPointer etc as I will do separate tutorials on my site StylishMonkey.com for these. Comments on the tutorial please, anything wrong, or if you would like to add to the tutorial please say email me.:) Please tell me if you like the style of the page and if you like the way I have shown the Example code!
Yours Martin
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