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Re: Use of XML ?

On 01 Aug 2001 18:09:41 -0400, Ron Schmelzer wrote:
> RE: Use of XML ?Once again, I'd like to point out that these very arguments (and many other ones not even discussed here) are covered in the "Pros and Cons of XML" document at http://www.zapthink.com/reports/proscons.html
> If we've missed something, I'd be more than happy to update the content! But, we have elucidated about 17-18 "Pro" arguments with counterpoints, and 8-9 "Con" arguments with counterpoints.

I have several comments from a cursory glance of this (repeatedly
advertised) report.

* You commit the cardinal sin of calling the half-baked UDDI a

* You say XML only allows Latin characters in names.  Poppycock!  See

* You say DTDs use EBNF syntax.  Wrong.

* The section "XML separates process from content" barely makes any
sense at all.

May I humbly suggest that you refrain from repeated promotion of the
report on this mailing list.

-- Edd