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Re: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

On 01 Aug 2001 16:45:46 -0700, Jeff Rafter wrote:
> Perhaps a different solution to this is some type of Infoset addition
> exposed through SAX interfaces-- this would be a pretty major overhaul.  An
> easier (hack) solution would be to simply add an attribute to the
> unqualified elements
> <foo:bar xmlns:foo="http://www.example.org">
>   <myUnqualifiedEl/>
> </foo:bar>
>  becomes...
> <myUnqualifiedEl xml:assocWith="http://www.example.org"/>

I'm not especially fond of this solution - namespace interpretation gets
significantly more convoluted, and the prospect of assocWith finding its
way onto namespace-qualified elements (not so weird an idea, in some
ways) is kind of frightening - but I am working on implementing it.  It
has some substantial advantages in reversibility, and may serve well for
developers who need to preserve the "unqualifiedness" of the elements.

I should have another version of the filters up today or tomorrow,
depending on if I can figure out why AttributesImpl.addAttribute() seems
to hang silently and completely on my system.

Simon St.Laurent