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RE: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing


> The SAX-routing example is one part, but it has other ramifications.
> Moving pieces of documents from place to place becomes pretty tricky
> when there are unqualified elements.  Context can disappear, and they
> unqualified parts may also pick up a namespace declaration from
> elsewhere in the destination tree if the processing isn't careful.
> (Aaron's talk did recommend the use of xmlns="" on explicitly
> unqualified content to ensure it stayed that way, if I remember
> correctly.)

Yes, from the object perspective, as long as you defensively override
the default namespace on the container, you're safe moving the entire
object around and placing it in different contexts:

<p:person xmlns:p='http://example.org/people' xmlns=''>

> If you have the context - you're working in DOM, XPath, or some
> variation - it's something you can deal with.  If you're in a
> environment, or move content between contexts, it gets ugly rapidly.

True, streaming requires you to track context in order to disambiguate
between locally scoped element names but it seems like most SAX
applications do that anyway.