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Re: looking for a french XML list

* jackson wrote:
>> sorry to bother you with this, there's a french-speaking mailing list
>> mentioned in the XML FAQ, but the email addy mentioned seems to be
>> wrong (xml-request@trisom.com).
>> If someone knows the adress and can spare a minute sending it to me
>> that would be great.
>  xml-request@trisome.com
>and post at
>  xml@trisome.com
>That's the list know of, but i haven't had anything from the list in a year
>or more. There never was a lot anyway.
>I had a look on google but didn't see any other group. If you find a list,
>please post details.

There are newsgroups:

  news:comp.text.xml       (english)
  news:de.comp.text.xml    (german)
  news:fido7.ru.xml        (russian)
  news:fj.comp.xml         (fiji?)
  news:fr.comp.text.xml    (french)
  news:japan.comp.lang.xml (japanese)
  news:pl.comp.xml         (polish)

http://groups.google.com/ provides a web interface with searching
capabilities and there are mail2news/news2mail services out there.
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