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Ann: Hands-on XSLT/XPath (Oct. 1-3) and XSLFO (Oct. 4-5) training(XML-DEV)

To Ottawa-area XML'ers (and those interested in travelling to Ottawa!):

We are again having a 5-day training blitz of two separate hands-on 
courses: 3 days of XSLT/XPath immediately followed by 2 days of XSLFO 
during the week of October 1-5, 2001.  These complementary courses provide 
comprehensive coverage over the week.

The course titles are "Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath" and 
"Practical Formatting Using XSLFO".

Please follow the highlighted link from our home page below for details on 
early-bird/loyalty pricing and links to the course syllabi and other 
information.  The hands-on exercises use commercial and/or non-commercial 
tools listed in the syllabi.

September 1, 2001 is the early-bird date for less-expensive course 
fees.  The courses can be taken separately, or you can save money by taking 
both courses during the one week.

After reviewing the rates on our web site, please send in your intent to 
register and we will acknowledge your intent with instructions regarding 
payment for reserving your seats (seats must be paid for to be reserved or 
they will be forfeit to other paying students).  We will also acknowledge 
if your company qualifies for the loyalty discount by having previously 
sent other students to one of our courses.  We are proud to have served 
many people in the industry with quality, highly-appreciated training.

We have had students come from the US, Asia, and Europe for these courses 
and we've learned that if you need a hotel room it is wise to book the room 
early with the hotel.  You can always cancel the hotel room if you decide 
not to register for the training, but if you leave it too late you may have 
difficulty finding one.

If you cannot make it to Ottawa, check our list of companies and 
individuals around the world who deliver the training material under 
license.  The list is growing and they are in a position to serve your 
needs with their training services!

See you in October!

.................... Ken

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Training Blitz: 3-days XSLT/XPath, 2-days XSLFO in Ottawa 2001-10-01/05