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all open sax2 bugs closed ...

Just thought I'd send a note saying that all the SAX2
bugs that have been filed so far (sixteen total) have been
closed; most were real bugs that got fixed.  Thanks
to all of you who reported problems; yes, that means
you too, "nobody"! :)

Most of the fixes related to javadoc; you can see the
current javadoc by clicking a link from


A few related to namespace behavior; not clear that
anyone uses ParserAdapter, but anyone still using a
SAX1 parser that way might want to make sure they
weren't relying on bugs there.  There were also several
cases where helper classes didn't make memory become
GC-able when it should have.

If you know about any other SAX2 issues, please
file them through the bug (or RFE) tracker, off the
web page above.

- Dave