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Re: Re: requesting XML document retrieved from a large and complexone..

[Ju, Hong-Taek]

> The use of SAX filter in server is also inefficient in terms of server.
> Because the server must generate large source document, even if filterd
> after all.

Not necessarily.  Of course, it depends on your source documents and your
needs.  The SAX filter does have to parse the entire document, but that in
itself is not terribly demanding on resources.  Your SAX filter does not
need to save anything except the parts that you want.

> If a server have a ability to generate a necessary part of source document
> on the ground of a client request.
> The sever can save a computing resources.
> On the assumption a client specify a part of source document in XPath
> string.

All xpath engines, I believe, must build a DOM in memory before being able
to apply a path expression.  This would be a much bigger processing load and
much slower.

> Is it passible for server to generate a requested part of source document
> the ground of  XML shema (DTD or Schema) of source document?

You'd have to use a system that could index the source document if you want
to avoid analyzing for each request.  So maybe you want to use some kind of
an object-oriented or xml database, one that can use indexes.

If all the requests were for parts of the same document, you cou;d create a
DOM, keep it in memory, and give it to an xslt processor each time you need
to service a request.


Tom P