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Re: Re:Re: Re: requesting XML document retrieved from a large andcomplex one..

[Ju, Hong-Taek]

> Thanks for your valuable comments.
> As you recommended, DOM tree in memory and XSLT might be best option.
> But I worry about memory lack for a large and complex document,
> Can I ask one more favor of you?
> How can I keep a DOM tree in memory by way of high memory efficiency?

Well, it's not very efficient in terms of memory needed. This has been
discussed on the xml-dev list several times and you should be able to find
those discussions in the archives.  A DOM representation of an xml document
seems to need about 10 times more memory than the original document size,
depending of course on the document design.  That's for an ordinary W3C DOM
such as implemented by Xerces, msxml3, etc.

When I brought this idea up, it was only in the context that a single large
xml document might be needed repeatedly, and that even though it would take
up a lot of memory, that would be a trade-off that could be worthwhile if
the data wouldn't need to be processed over and over again.  The
"efficiency" would be in processing speed, not memory.

That's a very specialized situation, but maybe it would apply to you, I
don't know.

> Does the problem depend on implementation?

Some, and the on actual xml specimens too.

Tom P