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Re: How to include .xml with .xsl,.dtd into .xml

You can write an xslt stylesheet that brings in each "template" document and
combine them as you wish.  Just use the document() instruction in your
stylesheet for each one.  Or run each template separately and use a final
stylesheet to merge them.  xslt also has "include" and "import" instructions
to combine stylesheet fragments into one stylesheet.

XInclude doesn't have much if any standard software available yet, and xslt
should work fine.


Tom P


        I have  created three templates i.e. three .xml files using three
different DTDs.
I applied three different .XSLs to these templates.

The files created are:


Now I want to include these three templates with .XSLs and .DTDs in one
How can I do it?
I've heard about XInclude ,how can I use it?
What's the syntax to declare XInclude in namespaces
and include it in .xml files?