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MarkupKit comes with documentation on this.
In short: MarkupKit uses a conversion table "Word style" to "XML tag".
Of course, your Word document must be compliant with this table, and of
course it produces only flat to very flat XML. Similarly, I could think of a
conversion table "XML tag" to "Word style", used by a converter from XML to
RTF, and exactly this is the converter I am looking for.


How would you convert RTF to XML?  Just a question, since I can't see this
being done, unless there is a standard RTF XML schema.  Who would define the


-----Original Message-----
From: Rahul Mahajan
To: Matthias Fischer
Cc: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Sent: 8/8/01 7:23 AM
Subject: Re: XML to RTF(rtf to xml)

hi ,

Contrary to your question may i ask u one question?..
do u know about any rtf to xml convertor?
source code of that convertor(in java) would really be
of great help to me...as i am looking for one....
hope u could help me in this regard!!!
--- Matthias Fischer <m.fischer@abc-media.de> wrote:
> Hallo list members,
> does somebody know of any reliable, low/zero-cost
> XML-to-RTF conversion tool
> (for flat to very flat XML)?
> Regards,
> Matthias Fischer
> -------------------------------------------
> Dott. Matthias Fischer
> Cross Media Services
> abc Media-Services GmbH
> Nebelhornstraße 8 | 86807 Buchloe | GERMANY
> Voice:    +49 8241 968638
> Fax:      +49 8241 968626
> E-Mail:   m.fischer@abc-media.de
> Internet: http://www.abc-media.de
> N:Fischer;Matthias
> FN:Matthias Fischer
> NICKNAME:Matthias
> ORG:abc Media-Services GmbH;Cross Media Services
> TITLE:Cross Media Manager
> TEL;WORK;VOICE:+49 (08241) 968638
> TEL;WORK;FAX:+49 (08241) 968626
> ADR;WORK:;;Nebelhornstrasse
> 8;Buchloe;;86801;Deutschland
> 8=0D=0ABuchloe 86801=0D=0ADeutschland
> URL:
> URL:http://www.abc-media.de
> EMAIL;PREF;INTERNET:m.fischer@abc-media.de
> REV:20010509T083609Z

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