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Re: Problem with InputSource

I haven't worked with c (and xerces-c) much, but this problem has occured to 
me many times wroking with java and jaxp and was caused because of mixing up 
libraries. I had too many old and new jar files containing similar classes, 
all on the same classpath and that was why I was getting an access violation 

Try to sort out your libraries and versions of xerces-c being used as well 
as your path variables. Delete if possible any older xerces-c versions from 
your computer.

Hope this helps.


>From: "Zehavi, Gil" <Gil_Zehavi@icomverse.com>
>To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
>Subject: Problem with InputSource
>Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 17:56:31 +0300
>A member in my group encountered the following problem. She is working with
>Xerces-c 1.4.
>1. When trying to perform XML parsing via an InputSource Object (not from a
>file but via an input stream) we do the following:
>string xml("<XML><TAG>text</TAG></XML>");
>MemBufInputSource source((const unsigned
>and get an exception of 'access violation'.
>We tried to copy the string to an unsigned char array and perform the
>operation, but it didn't help either. Can anyone help?
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