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Re: AND (Another Namespace Dilemma) ... DTD Validation

In article <OF495225A3.D1651174-ON85256AA3.005D15A5@com> you write:
>So ... if
>Namespace prefixes are irrelevant, how do I write a (namespace-aware) DTD
>to validate a document instance?

Short answer: you can't.  Slightly longer answer: you can hack it with
parameter entities - see the DTD for schemas for an example:


>I also don't see right off how W3C XML Schemas (can't we just call this
>XSD?) will help, but I'm more hopeful of built-in support there. HELP!

Yes, one of the reasons for schemas was to overcome this problem.  You
declare a "target namespace" in the schema, and it validates instances
that use that namespace whatever prefix they use.

-- Richard