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Application Design

Hi XML architects!

Got a question for you. I have a need to design and develop a Document
Management system (documents include PDF files, Word documents, scanned
images etc...) to store and manage data in the range of 30-40 GB. The
application will be quite simple, have a couple of input screens to accept
the document key information along with provision to attach the document. A
search & results screen will also be required to perform searches on the
stored documents and to retrieve them.

I am looking at using XML for this.

Questions, I am hoping some of you would answer for me are:

1) What would be an ideal database to use to store the information, keeping
in mind that I am going to use XML to retrieve and and present this data.
(I am leaning towards Oracle)

2) Am I stuck with building all my screens with raw XML/XSLT  or are there
tools that will help me built the front end screens easily.

3) Does anybody see any potential problems with this approach?

4) What would be the preferred supporting platform to use: Java,
HTML/DHTML, ASP, JavaScript.
    Is any required?

Thanks a million.

Fred Gomez

Fred Gomez