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Re: Conformance Test question

 From: "Gary Stephenson" <garys@ihug.com.au>
> <!ENTITY % ent1 "">
> <!ENTITY ent2 "text2">
> <!ENTITY % ent3 "<!-- <!DOCTYPE <!ELEMENT <? '''&#34;&ent2; %ent1;">
> <!ENTITY % ent4 '""&#x27;&#39;"'>
> Is it because (as Rob Lugt has opined in prior discussions) that there is in
> fact no parameter-entity reference - thus there is no actual "replacement
> text"?

Yes. A parameter entity is text. Markup is only parsed when a reference
is replaced. When the entity is being read, the parser is interested in "
not < or &.    

  <!ENTITY % x "&nothing;" >
where there is no declaration for nothing is not an error until  x is actually referenced.
Rick Jelliffe