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Re: Conformance Test question

Hi Rick,

> Yes. A parameter entity is text. Markup is only parsed when a reference
> is replaced. When the entity is being read, the parser is interested in "
> not < or &.
> Similarly,
> <!ENTITY % x "&nothing;" >
> where there is no declaration for nothing is not an error until  x is
actually referenced.

Yes. Thanks for clearing that up for me.  I had accepted this to be the case
after the aforementioned posts from Rob Lugt, and had adjusted my processor

But of recent times I have been working with the Expat C parser, and it
appears to me to be impossible to support the above interpretation using Expat
"out-of-the-box".  For this reason I wanted to confirm that the above was
indeed the correct interpretation before fumbling around trying to modify
Expat to conform (I'm afraid I'm a wee bit "C-challenged" <g>).