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Re: xsi:schemaLocation & Parser support?

> I haven't found an explicit requirements document or design philosophy
> document for RELAX NG.

The nearest to this is the charter of the RELAX NG TC:

"The purpose of this committee is to create a specification for a schema
language for XML based on TREX and RELAX. The key features of RELAX NG are
that it is simple, easy to learn, uses XML syntax, does not change the
information set of an XML document, supports XML namespaces, treats
attributes uniformly with elements so far as possible, has unrestricted
support for unordered content, has unrestricted support for mixed content,
has a solid theoretical basis, and can partner with a separate datatyping
language (such W3C XML Schema Datatypes)."

> That is why mere "openness" of archives is not satisfactory.

It's not a complete solution, but I think it's a big help.

> Without  explicit design rationales issue by issue,

RELAX NG also has an issues document:


which lists all the issues that have been considered by the TC, together
with their resolutions and pointers into the mailing list archives and
meeting minutes.

> I hope they can put out
> a clearer statement of their goals and use cases.

Yes, there's definitely scope for some more explanation of the thinking
behind the design.