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RE: Namespaces Defined

I agree with the irony, but the real irony is that anyone might be surprised
that this is a prevailing view of namespaces outside the development
community. My first take on namespaces three years ago, when I had only the
specs to use for research, was exactly as it is stated at the whatis.com
page. It was only after lurking this list that I found out that wasn't the
case. Just adding to the confusion, namespaces is a lightning rod for all
manner of religious debate to this day.

This thread also lends even more weight to the sarcastic tone of the quote
"I read it on the Web, so it must be true."

Take Care,

Leigh Dodds wrote:

The real irony is that I came across this definition 
via a (rotted) link from the Dublin Core FAQ:

"What is a namespace and does Dublin Core have one?"