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Re: Namespaces, W3C XML Schema (was Re: ANN: SAX Filters forNamespaceProcessing)

Ronald Bourret wrote:

>(The closest I can come is DocumentFragments in the DOM, which allow
>Elements, but not Attributes, as children. That is, Attributes are not
>considered to be a valid document fragment in and of themselves and
>therefore can't be moved around. One explanation for this is that moving
>them without their containing parent loses context, but I'm sure that
>considerations of where DocumentFragments can be used in the API also
>plays a role.)
Actually, this is more because a DocumentFragment basically has the same 
structure as an external general parsed entity, which doesn't allow 
attributes (production 43 of the XML spec). We didn't have any use cases 
for moving just the attributes around on their own.



Lauren Wood, Director of Product Technology, SoftQuad Software
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