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Re: Namespaces, W3C XML Schema (was Re: ANN: SAX Filters forNamespaceProcessing)

 From: "Ronald Bourret" <rpbourret@rpbourret.com>
> I think the real culprit here isn't whether local element type names are
> qualified or not. It's that local element types exist at all. In the XML

Yes, it perhaps was a failure in architecture. In the vacuum at W3C (which 
hopefully now the TAG group will rectify, unless the horse has already bolted) 
there should have been clear policy made that local element names need not
be supported.  

Certainly I think developers should steer clear of local names: even if they 
are using a path-aware schema language such as Schematron which can 
cope with all kinds of contextual variation, the name of an element should 
describe its genus in some clear namespace. 

Otherwise we need PSVI (i.e. explicit context-based typing) or path-based 
processing (implicit context-based typing).  

Rick Jelliffe