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Re: Namespaces, W3C XML Schema (was Re: ANN: SAX Filters for NamespaceProcessing)

> be mixed.  Therefore the appropriate solution would be to get rid of
> elementFormDefault and provide appropriate mechanisms in the _instance_ to
> specify how this should work for the particular instance under
> consideration.

Wow, I can't believe what I see.

So you are saying that

<p:root xmlns:p="abc"


<p:root xmlns:p="abc"

are both valid, and an application is expected to behave in the same way?

I assume that you are not saying that this xsi:elementFormDefault thing
 does not change the way namespace URI is interpreted.

If so, your proposal means that an application must rely on PSVI of
an element, rather than the namespace URI of that element, to decide
what to do with that element because the namespace URI can be either
"abc" or "".

How can we expect that all applications recognizes
the xsi:elementFormDefault attribute and behave correctly? No way.

This is nothing but a nightmare to me.

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