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Re: An open plea to the W3C (was Re: XInclude vs SAX vs validation)

From: "Sean McGrath" <sean.mcgrath@propylon.com>

 > Do it as an experiment. Do it as a controlled fork. If it does not yield 
> benefits, scrap it.
> Dare to do less. That is what made the web so great in the first place.
> Do it before vested interests grab the initiative.
> Do it before it is too late.

I sympathize with this view (indeed, I called for a refactoring of XML
to get rid of the valid/well-formed split in favour of a DTD-less/DTDed
split last year.) 

But I don't think it is in the W3C's so-called architecture: instead we
have the split between status quo XML and PSVI XML.  I suspect that
many there expect that the DTDed XML will wither on the vine with the advent
of XML Schemas, and that in a few years time we can all switch to
a headlessXML versus PSVI XML dichotomy without difficulty.   

If we get too caught up in superficial syntax debates, we will miss the
core decision that has architectural ramifications: the advent of
PSVI-based specifications which require buying into XML Schemas:

More importantly, the W3C responds to its members needs and priorities.
I think most of them are concerned about the upper layers, not reform
of the foundation.

Rick Jelliffe