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RE: Enlightenment via avoiding the T-word

Sounds again suspiciously like grove plans.


Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

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From: Ronald Bourret [mailto:rpbourret@rpbourret.com]

Michael Brennan wrote:
> It is very typical for an XML application to want to associate certain
> metadata with XML information items to suit certain processing needs. One
> can easily envision different metadata vocabularies to suit different
> domains.

Very nicely put.

And when you look at it this way, it's pretty clear that the the PSVI is
a mixture of several different sets of metadata. For example, what
complexType an element is supposed to be is different from whether it
can be validated by (converted to) that complexType.