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RE: Namespaces, schemas, Simon's filters.

[Matthew Fuchs]

>Every time you have orthogonal ways of doing the same thing,
>you end up with a cartesian product of cases.

Yes. There are those who find great beauty in these cartesian
products and hours of endless intellectual fun munching
on the combinations - they have the TIMTOWTDI gene[1].
These people typically love human language
and literature. Many have a background in the arts. Some of then
are linguists. Many of them prefer Perl for text processing.

Then there are those with the TSBOOWTDI gene[1]. They see
beauty in simple things and get their kicks out of
coming up with ways to re-use a handful of core facilities
in new ways. Many of them prefer Python for text processing.

I have the TSBOOWTDI gene. I can think of numerous
people I know who have the TIMTOWTDI gene and
one or two Rennaisance men with both! The latter
tends to smother the former in standards work.

If I list the top ten smartest people I know, 8 are

However the top two are hybrid TIMTOWTDI / TSBOOWTDI.

East is east and west is west and never the twain shall


[1] There Is More Than One Way To Do It

[2] There Should Be One Obvious Way To Do It

Featured speaker at Geek Cruises' XML Excursion '02