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RE: Sun and independent developers

I believe his first implementation dates from January 1998.

A quote from Dave Winer:

"In 1998, my company, UserLand Software, had just finished porting
Frontier from Macintosh to Windows. Our software made extensive use of
networking, so we had a problem -- with two versions of the software,
how would they communicate? We could no longer use the networking
software of one platform, Apple Events on the Mac, or DCOM on Windows.
So we decided to use two standards of the Internet, XML and HTTP, to
form the communication protocol for our software. By January 1998 we had
a deployed protocol for Frontier-to-Frontier communication simply called
RPC, and it worked pretty well."

The above is cached at google:

See also:

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Does XML-RPC predate John Tigue's WebBroker, an XML-based method
system he'd developed which subsumed both CORBA and COM, at an XML
conference (an early XML developer's day perhaps) that he presented in
Seattle in March, 1998?  John had already given at least one other talk
using XML for distributed computing in '97.  I remember being there, and
remember the local Microsofties in a tizzy trying to understand what
done.  I thought it was brilliant - and I have enough ego to be hard to
impress.  A quick look at the Cover Pages shows that WebMethods also
to have an XML-RPC mechanism in March '98, whereas the earliest
reference I
find to Userland's XML-RPC is from July (although the text seems to
that there was something earlier).