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RE: My last on IE6 and XML

> Watching MS users groups I see quite a few people building
> XML solutions well beyond the scope of standard, and one of
> Microsoft priorities must to be the support and enabling of the
> existing users. Support of recommendations that are outside
> of main stream is not an arrogance, but customer care and
> managing the time.

1. MS users group feedback is not as broad nor deep in scope and depth.
They are more focused on working with what they have than looking far ahead.
Relying only on MS user group is as useful as inbreeding.

2. Implementing non-standard features or subverting standard features is bad
enough, supporting such non-sense makes as much sense as continuing to
support the <blink> tag.

IMHO, grabbing 85% of the browser marketshare comes with certain
responsibility to the public.  My comments regarding arrogance, while
scribed in my usual double-edged words, was made with good intent to help
Microsoft meet that responsibility.  Interpreting them as just more
anti-Microsoft flame is Microsoft's loss, not mine.

Intentions behind Microsoft's post-IE6 comments amounts to "we did what we
thought was best for you" and our intentions are "well, think again or ask
us next time."  I am arrogant as well, but I am not in charge of designing
and implementing a browser that affects majority of web users.


Don Park