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Re: Client-side XSLT. Re: Bad News on IE6 XML Support

 > I'm saying one *simple* thing. "Why do you need client-side
 > XSLT at all" ? What gives? ( I understand that it buys
 > some set of buzzwords in the resume, but I'm trying to
 > see a technological reasoning ).

There may be a technological reason: when your server is too weak to 
perform transoframtion in a reasonable time and without losing its other 

Wondering what I'm writing about? Let's imagine that you palm sized 
comp., or your watches are some sort of other special device that is not 
primarily web server communicates using xml data.

You probably have a client companion that works directly with the data 
but occasionally you also wish to connect the device using a web 
browser. This is when the device sends xml and xslt (or better its URI 
somwhere on the net) to the browser which performs transformation.

The server produces xml and pointers to templates to transform the data 
to various format.

You may argue that the device may produce html, wml or what else itself, 
but in this case is that the client side, who is probably much more 
powerfull and suitable for it.


Pavel Kroh
Ginger Alliance sro.
Praha; Czech Republic