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Re: IE6 doesn't like comments

* Jean-Marc Vanel wrote:
>I'm sorry that you consider it at this superficial level !
>Of course this doesn't depend on the ordering of tags,
>or on the presence of a <body> wrapper.
>Consider this :
> <Comment>inside tag Comment</Comment>
> <Comment2>inside tag Comment2</Comment2>
> <comment>inside tag comment</comment>
> <Description>inside tag Description</Description>
>The tags Comment or comment are treated differently, they are not displayed !

Indeed. Internet Explorer is free to ignore 'comment' elements in "HTML"

>This is an interesting example of how Microsoft implements XHTML.

Microsoft Internet Explorer doen't implement XHTML and Microsoft
doesn't claim something else.

I still don't see why you consider this relevant for xml-dev?
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