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Optimum XML approach for new project in International Trade

The company I am employed by is in the development phase of a new project for the export/trade and transport industry in Australia. Our company is a systems integration and application development company with some 20 years experience in EDI and messaging systems. The project is a web portal for the industry that offers a range of export related services - online, web based documentation - regulatory, commercial, transport etc, monitoring and tracking of consignments and online training. The key is to allow all members of the export supply chain to be able to communicate and exchange information with each other. We are keen on taking an XML approach to this but dont have much experience in this area. I have noticed that Bolero have their own type of XML where they have made all the trade and transport docs DTD's available for download from their site. I also have have read that Rosetta and ebXML are focussed on the supply chain and B2B type transactions. I am, concerned that if we lock into one system we then will have problems easily communicating with those that have chosen another. This is a global application so we need to be aware of whats going on all around the world. I wonder what the best approach is to this - do we accept that we will have to support multiple standards? If we go with Bolero and ebXML will that cover off 95% of all our potential connection requirements? DO we create our own XML std? 
Does anyone else work in this particular area of International Trade that has some ideas about the best way to address this multiple stds problem?
Any advice will be appreciated - as long as its not too rude!
Andrew Wong Yen 

Andrew Wong Yen
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