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[xml-dev] ANN: 4Suite and 4Suite Server 0.11.1

Fourthought, Inc. (http://Fourthought.com) announces the release of

                  4Suite 0.11.1 and 4Suite Server 0.11.1
          Open source XML processing tools and an XML data server


4Suite Server News

	* RDF: Many improvements to the serializer
	* RDF: Add utilities to simplify API
	* RDF: Implement rdfs:isDefinedBy
	* ODS: Full support for type definitions
	* ODS: Full support for constant expressions
	* ODS: Full support for the date/time types
	* ODS: Added support for char and octet types
	* pDomlette: Reader modularization
	* pDomlette: SAX reader fixes
	* pDomlette: support cached docIndex
	* pDomlette: update XInclude support
	* cDomlette: store baseUri/refUri on document node
	* XSLT: EXSLT now built in
	* XSLT: add xinclude suppression command line option
	* XSLT: OutputHandler fixes
	* XSLT: Support stylesheet include/import "path"
	* XSLT: implement ft:assign, ft:generate-uuid, ft:replace
	* XSLT: fixes to import precedence
	* XSLT: Oliver Graf's output and other fixes
	* XSLT: Top-level params can now be lists of strings which become node sets
	* XPath: Sort out exceptions
	* XUpdate: Implement command line
	* All: Normalization of namespaces
	* Many misc optimizations and bug-fixes

4Suite News

	* Implement RDF add and remove XSLT extensions
	* Implement extension to get repo user
	* Add and update demos
	* Fix backup/restore
	* DocDefs now accept ns mappings from the serialized XML's own namespaces
	* Protocols: HTTP handler fixes
	* Protocols: FTP handler fixes
	* Add 4ss rdf deserialize command
	* Set up share file for user modules
	* Normalize namespaces
	* Many general bug fixes

4Suite is a collection of Python tools for XML processing and object
database management.  It provides support for XML parsing, several
transient and persistent DOM implementations, XPath expressions,
XPointer, XSLT transforms, XLink, RDF, XInclude, XUpdate
and ODMG object databases.

4Suite Server is a platform for XML processing.  It features an XML data
repository, metadata management, a rules-based engine, XSLT transforms,
XPath and RDF-based indexing and query, XLink resolution and many other
XML services.  It also provides transactions and access control features.
Along with basic console and command-line management, it supports remote,
cross-platform and cross-language access through CORBA, WebDAV,
HTTP, FTP and other request protocols.

All the software is open-source and free to download.  Priority support
and customization is available from Fourthought, Inc.  For more
information on this, see the http://FourThought.com, or contact
Fourthought at info@fourthought.com or +1 303 583 9900

More info and Obtaining 4Suite and 4Suite Server

Please see


From where you can download source, Windows and Linux binaries.

4Suite is distributed under a license similar to that of the
Apache Web Server.