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Re: [xml-dev] XML stylesheets

"John E. Simpson" wrote:
> The original poster's (John L. Thoms) message, trimmed version below,
> actually didn't specify *XSLT* stylesheets, or whether he was looking
> primarily to style or to transform his contractor's documents, and I
> wondered if he could make do with CSS. Browser support (or otherwise)
> aside, I'd think styling it with CSS would be a lot simpler than
> undertaking some kind of large-scale transformation project.
Use of appropriate tools makes a difference too - I haven't used it in
anger yet, just done the tutorial, but I'm fairly impressed by the XSLT
editor in XML Spy 4. It allows you to use a schema plus an instance
document, and drag items from the instance doc to a sem-graphical
editor. XML Spy then looks at the schema and knows whether you have
dragged a repeating element, for instance, so sticks in an xsl:for-each
element round the HTML for that element.

Tha kind of thing could make a difference on productivity, especially
for a new user.