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Re: [xml-dev] Urgently need a reality check on the job market forXMLdevelopment

I get a *lot* of resumes across my desk, and it seems they get
less useful every year.  I have three questions I want answered
instantly before I can start to think about somebody, they are

1. what have they been doing?
2. what education do they have?
3. what do they do in their spare time?

These days, all resumes begin with 2 or more pages of fluff
about how great their attitude is, and lengthy lists of 
computer technologies of which they are allegedly masters. 
You have to go way to the back to actually find out some
objective facts about this person.  And a lot of people say
nothing about #3, which makes me suspect that they are dweebs
who collapse in front of the TV every night, and thus unlikely
to have anything useful by way of imagination.

I can only assume the job counsellors are tuning the 
resumes to the behavior of the HR scanning software.  The 
notion of "routing around HR" sounds like a good one. -Tim