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RE: [xml-dev] Urgently need a reality check on the job market forXMLdevelopment

> [From: Tim Bray]
> These days, all resumes begin with 2 or more pages of fluff
> about how great their attitude is, and lengthy lists of
> computer technologies of which they are allegedly masters.

I also see lots of resumes from developers and otherwise (we've been
recruiting sales/marketing resources), and in my former life as an academic,
I helped erstwhile academic mathematicians (masters/PhD/postdoc) package
themselves for careers in finance or technology.

I see several things:

0) Merit/value confusion.  On a personal level, I care about you and who you
are.  On a business level, I care about what you will do for the company now
and in the future.  When you write a resume and cover letter, don't confuse
how great you are with how much I need you.  If you prove the former, that's
great for you; if you prove the latter, that's great for me and I want to
talk to you.

1) Multi-page resumes.  Don't make we wade through fluff to find the items
that are relevant to my consideration.  If you can't communicate with me
succinctly, I'm not interested in having you work for me.  (Don't get me
wrong, there are people who deserve two-page resumes, but there aren't many
of them.)

2) "Expert" assertions and certifications.  I've interviewed "expert" C
programmers who couldn't explain how to implement shell sort or a red/black
tree.  I've even seen one resume that claimed 20 years of experience with
XML.  Don't sell yourself short, but assume that you will get thoroughly

3) Spelling, grammar, and demeanor matter.  Why would someone be willing to
bet a business (mine, in this case) or a large transaction (in finance) or a
person's life (in healthcare) on your abilities if -- from day zero -- you
demonstrate a lack of attention to detail and pride in your work?  You will
go nowhere near my company or its customers if you're sloppy.

Paul Brown
FiveSight Technologies