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Re: [xml-dev] Mixed SAX-DOM parsing

At 13:50 26/09/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>At 02:57 PM 26/09/01 -0500, Devsphere wrote:
> >Devsphere.com announces the availability of SAXDOMIX,
> >a FREE Open-Source Java framework for scalable XML parsing and
> >transforming based on standard APIs (SAX, DOM and JAXP).
> >
> >The framework can forward SAX events or DOM sub-trees during
> >the parsing
>Heh heh.  The world's first ever XML parser was a Java program
>named Lark, which would build a tree with objects of class
>Element and so on - or it would feed you an event stream where
>the handlers were passed objects of type Element and so on.

Gee, nearly three years ago now! Where did I put that


The toolkit I mention in the post is now at pyxie.sourceforge.net.
Henrys tool that allows you you mix'n'match event/tree modes
is LT XML.

In prehistory (anybody know what happened to it?) there was an
SGML processing language called Balise that had built-in support
for what today would be called Mixed SAX/DOM.

Then there was the truly funky Metamorposis and didn't James Clarks
NSGMLS have a way of blocking processing until required
sub-trees became available? Am I dreaming or did Joe English's COST
also allow you to mix modes?...

So much lore there to be learned from but of course nobody not of
independent means has any time because all our available cognitive
cycles are consumed with the latest NOTE, WDs and RECS.