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[xml-dev] Mixed SAX-DOM parsing

Devsphere.com announces the availability of SAXDOMIX, 
a FREE Open-Source Java framework for scalable XML parsing and 
transforming based on standard APIs (SAX, DOM and JAXP).

The framework can forward SAX events or DOM sub-trees during 
the parsing of an XML document allowing the application to get DOM 
sub-trees in the middle of a SAX parsing. After handling, all SAX 
event parameters and DOM sub-trees become eligible for garbage 
collection. This solves the well-known DOM scalability problem. 
For example, one can process an arbitrarily large XML table and 
get each record as a DOM sub-tree.

The mixing of SAX and DOM can reduce dramatically the memory 
requirements when the application doesn't need the entire DOM tree 
in memory. In addition, there are pieces of information that can be 
extracted directly from the SAX events without the need to build 
a DOM sub-tree. For example, the application could analyze 
the attributes of an element and decide if it needs the entire DOM 
sub-tree rooted by that element. Such a technique improves 
the performance of the application because the creation of the DOM 
objects is an expensive operation.

SAXDOMIX also provides special support for XSLT. In a mixed 
transformation, the same XSLT instructions are applied to each DOM 
sub-tree and the results are inserted into the output document.

For source code, examples, documentation and a benchmark, please visit