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Re: [xml-dev] Mixed SAX-DOM parsing

Sean McGrath wrote:
> The toolkit I mention in the post is now at pyxie.sourceforge.net.
> Henrys tool that allows you you mix'n'match event/tree modes
> is LT XML.
> [ ... Balise ... Metamorphosis ... NSGMLS ...]
> Am I dreaming or did Joe English's COST also allow you to mix modes?...

Yes, but not in the way one might expect.

Instead of reporting ESIS events as soon as they come in from
the parser, Cost always builds an in-memory tree first; the user
can later regenerate event streams from selected subtrees.

I had originally planned to add a scheme where
event handlers could be interposed between the parser
and the tree builder, but since the in-memory representation
ended up being much more efficient than I had originally
anticipated and since a purely event-driven processing
model is so rarely useful, I never bothered to implement it.

--Joe English