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Re: [xml-dev] namespaces v. processing instructions forprocessorinvocation

My vote would be to use a processing instruction. Using a namespace URI
will just confuse the "what does a namespace URI point to?" question
even more.

-- Ron

Paul Schofield wrote:
> I am implementing a (hopefully) flexible XML transformer that uses external
> context information to define how the transform will work. At the heart of
> the transformer is an XSLT processor, however the style sheets are hidden
> and are defined by a sort of "meta" style sheet that is context aware.
> Although the engine works I am in doubt about which is the best way to
> define the meta file location from an XML file.
> My first preference was to use namespaces -
> <myxml xmlns="http://www.client.com/data"
>              xmlns:meta="http://www.ourcompany.com/context-transform"
>              meta:location="http://www.client.com/context-file.meta" >
>   <stuff>bla bla</stuff>
> </myxml>
> As my processor "knows" what to do with elements and attributes in the
> http://www.ourcompany.com/context-transform namespace it can processes the
> XML accordingly. I can also create other processors in the same way
> creating a processing chain.
> However XSLT uses a processing instruction to define the location, using
> this model my data will be -
> <?context-transform href="http://www.client.com/contextfile.meta" ?>
> <myxml xmlns="http://www.client.com/data" >
>   <stuff>bla bla</stuff>
> </myxml
> Which method, if any, is considered best practice, are there better methods?
> If the namespace method is best why is XSLT implemented otherwise?