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Re: [xml-dev] %x;? - Opportunity for pedantry and exegesis

Tim Bray wrote:
> Consider the following content model fragment:
>  %x;?
> as in <!ELEMENT a (%x;?, y)>

In this example, the Parameter Entity reference 
will be followed by a space when expanded.
Production 48 does not allow a space
before the "?", so I agree that your example 
would not be well formed.

> I've been told that the XHTML DTDs would suffer
> if this is true.

> It would be really nice if I'm wrong on this. 

I think you're wrong on this.

The usage I've seen in "Modularization of XHTML" looks
more like:

<!ENTITY % a.content  "(%x;?, y)" >
<!ELEMENT a %a.content; >

in which case, I think section 4.4.5 applies to the
expansion of "%x;", no spaces are introduced, so it 
is okay.