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Re: [xml-dev] wutka DTD parser question

This is exactly what SGML catalogs were meant to solve.

They would allow you to define DTDs in terms of SYSTEM
(not PUBLIC) identifiers.  A lookup through a catalog
would translate the SYSTEM identifier into a path-to-that-file
on the current system.

Thus, the catalogs would be system-dependent (but can
also be generic, in that they can use relative paths,
with ease).

Though, that's SGML.  

I hear that XML folks are pondering catalogs, but I haven't
seen much progress on that front.  Things would have to become
catalog-aware, to be able to do the extra level of indirection
to find the final, terminal resource.

Ahh, well.


On Tue, 2 Oct 2001, Wendi Sisson wrote:

> Many of you on this list recommended the wutka DTDParser to me in
> previous emails. If anyone has some experience using it, I could use
> some help on this one point: If I am parsing a DTD and it refers to
> another DTD in an entity, is there any way I can "resolve" the path to
> that DTD like the EntityResolver does for Doctypes is an XML document?
> In other words, the DTD referenced in the entity may not exist in the
> same directory as the current DTD. I do not want to use an absolute path
> because I would have to change it every time we moved from box to box. I
> have had trouble with relative paths. So I really wanted to just
> reference the name of the DTD, with no path at all, in the entity and
> then somehow have the DTDParser call me to ask where to find the DTD,
> like the Xerces DOMParser calls the EntityResolver. Is anyone aware of a
> solution? Thanks, Wendi