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[xml-dev] wutka DTD parser question

Many of you on this list recommended the wutka DTDParser to me in
previous emails. If anyone has some experience using it, I could use
some help on this one point: If I am parsing a DTD and it refers to
another DTD in an entity, is there any way I can "resolve" the path to
that DTD like the EntityResolver does for Doctypes is an XML document?
In other words, the DTD referenced in the entity may not exist in the
same directory as the current DTD. I do not want to use an absolute path
because I would have to change it every time we moved from box to box. I
have had trouble with relative paths. So I really wanted to just
reference the name of the DTD, with no path at all, in the entity and
then somehow have the DTDParser call me to ask where to find the DTD,
like the Xerces DOMParser calls the EntityResolver. Is anyone aware of a
solution? Thanks, Wendi
Wendi Sisson
Systems Programmer
International Trade Development
FedEx Services
(901) 263-6695