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[xml-dev] Extracting GIF image in ASP?

I've got a Java applet that is sending a gif image, using XML, to an ASP
page.  I want to save the image into a database, but I can't parse the XML.
Any idea why?  The XML is basic:


When I send nothing in the CDATA tags, the XML is parsed fine, but when I
add the image binary, the parser can't parse the XML.  Also, if I send the
XML as the MIME type "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", the ASP page finds
the XML in the request.form object, but I'm afraid that this is corrupting
the image binary, so I want to send it as "application/xml".  However, when
I do this, the ASP page doesn't see the XML any more.  Does anyone have any
idea how to do this?  Basically, what format does a Java applet, ActiveX
control, etc. have to send the XML to an ASP page if it contains an image or
other binary data?  Has anyone done this before?