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[xml-dev] Re: XML Accessibility Guidelines

At 22:52 30/08/2001, Philippe Le Hegaret wrote:

>This document explains how to design accessible applications using
>XML, the Extensible Markup Language. Compared to the HTML or MathML
>languages, XML is one level up: it is a meta syntax used to describe
>these languages, as well as new ones. As a meta syntax, XML provides
>no intrinsic guarantee of device independence or textual alternate
>support. It is essential, therefore, that XML formats and tools
>designers are provided with guidelines that explain how to include
>basic accessibility features - such as those present in HTML, SMIL,
>and SVG - in all their new developments.
>Status of this document
>This document is a Working Draft made available by the WAI Protocols
>and Formats Working Group (PFWG), for review by W3C members and other
>interested parties. The PF group operates as part of the WAI Technical

Clearly this is something that I need to look into:

On the face of it, I just don't see what usability has to
do with XML.

Surely usability (which is extremely important) is a product
of *user experience*. It is an end-user property.

Since the general consensus is that XML shouldn't be delivered
to end users, how do the two overlap?

I will go away and do some reading ...


James Robertson
Step Two Designs Pty Ltd
Knowledge Management Consultancy, SGML & XML
Illumination: an out-of-the-box Intranet solution