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[xml-dev] When do I Create entity reference nodes

This is my scenario:

I have an internal DTD that contains both ENTITY Declarations and Attribute
Declarations with default values.  
Some of the default values contain references to these defined entites
together with some character references and text.

Here is an example of my internal dtd:
	<!ENTITY bb "abc">
	<!ATTLIST c d CDATA "cc &bb;">
Here is my question:
1)  If I am to build a DOM tree, what nodes do I create for the attribute d?
I believe the nodeName will contain the normalized value "cc abc"
but do I need to also create separate text and entity reference nodes for cc
and &bb;?  or do I jsut create a single text node containing the value?  I
cannot find my answer to any of these questions in the DOM Core and XML

Here is another example of an xml document using the same internal dtd:
   <c d="ff &bb;" />

2)  In this case do I create separate nodes for ff and &bb; when I build a
DOM tree?  or do I just create a single text node containing the
unnormalized value?

Your help will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance,