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RE: [xml-dev] RAND issues

So one can assume that when a technology for which 
Oracle holds patents comes up for standardization, 
Oracle will (pick one)

1.  Give up rights to royalties from its competitors, or

2.  Ensure that WG is never approved

Of course, Ellison approves of this knowing that 
in option one, his competitors in the server market gain 
price advantages that could force Oracle to 
heavily discount its servers.   Cool.  

Or he is counting on option 2.  Not cool, but of course, 
his competitors are W3C members and can propose WGs, yes?


-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Muench [mailto:Steve.Muench@oracle.com]

Oracle has also expressed its support for Royalty Free
and against RAND to the W3C on several occasions during
this debate.