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RE: [xml-dev] RAND issues

--- Jeff Lowery <jlowery@scenicsoft.com> wrote:
> It's much easier to criticize than make a constructive suggestion,
> admittedly. 

Like I just did :-}

> I'm sure there's a working corrollary out in the big, wide world
> that can emulated. All I'm certain of is that the current process that
> relies on courts to settle patent disputes is broken in the favor of deep
> pockets. To say that deep pockets will always find ways to co-opt a solution
> strikes me as fatalism.

In the W3C arena, it may be possible to convince member companies it's in their
best interests to sign on to an RF licensing policy, with something like
Benjamin Franz's suggestion of mandatory licensing of undisclosed patents. A
solution to the general problems of software patents (other than eliminating
them) seems much more difficult. 


Jim Ancona
jim@anconafamily.com                     jancona@xevo.com

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