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RE: [xml-dev] Let's get real on W3C XForms 1.0 (why it stinks, to day)

> The W3C can never give the assurance that a member company won't try to
> claim a patent on a W3C-Recommended spec.  Even if Don became Lord High
> Dictator of the W3C tomorrow, they couldn't give that assurance
> <grin>.  We
> can argue all we want about what the W3C patent policy should be, but the
> W3C doesn't make or interpret or enforce the patent laws.  Maybe it could
> kick out the Shana Corporation, or maybe file a friend of the court brief
> against them if they sue anyone, but that would seem to be about it.

Assuming I have your vote for Lord High Dictator of the W3C position <g>, I
propose that W3C adopt a patent policy that basically states "W3C and all of
its members will:

1) do their best to ensure against patent fringement in our specs
2) disclose patents affecting any W3C activities or forfeit profit from them
3) will challenge legally any patent disputes that may arise after
4) will deprecate recommendations if patent challenge fails

I think such a policy will provide reasonable level of protection against
patents in standards.


Don Park