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RE: [xml-dev] W3C Rants (was: RE: W3C as Golden Goose ...)

The SGMLers who built XML never patented AFAIK.  SGML was 
open from day one.  You did have to buy an ISO standard 
or steal one. :-)  XML was done at the W3C instead of 
SGML Open because as I recall, it was feared that 
SGML Open did not have sufficient technical mindshare. 
In retrospect, that was a mistake in my opinion but 
hindsight is Monday night quarterbacking.

OASIS is the former SGML Open founded by the SGMLers 
that made sure of that.  XML-Dev was founded by Peter 
Murray Rust and Henry Rzepa as a private initiative 
later turned over to OASIS.  OASIS is paying the bills 
here and we benefit whether we are members or not.

As for the differences, I invite the founders and 
the members of the two organizations to comment on their goals. 
For once, I will leave the philosophy to the professionals. 
Someone get Bosak out of cold storage and see if he 
has an opinion.   He did a lot of work on the OASIS 
process that I think reflects the goals and the 
fundamental differences.


-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Rafter [mailto:jeffrafter@defined.net]

> Yes this is XML-Dev.  Do people understand this
> is an OASIS list, not a W3C sponsored list?


> Do  people know the fundamental differences in the
> philosophies of those who created OASIS and those
> who created the W3C?


> The differences are profound.

I am very interested-- but then aren't the differences between the XML-Dev
community and both organizations profound as well. This list seems like less
of an organization than an autonomous collective, then again maybe not.
Where do patents fit in here?

Jeff Rafter
Defined Systems
XML Development and Developer Web Hosting