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[xml-dev] Re: CATALOGs versus RDDL

 From: "Tim Bray" <tbray@textuality.com>
  > I wouldn't expect to find a RDDL by following an 
> xsi:schemaLocation, I'd expect to find an XSD, n'est-ce pas?
  1) Use any application-specific over-riding catalog (e.g. a cache)
  2) Use any catalog that comes with document
  3) Use any document hints (e.g. schema location):
  4) Use a RDDL document at namespace URI
  5) Use any resource at the namespace URI (if it is the resource you are looking for)
  6) Use any built-in default catalog
  7) Report to the user or use some default behaviour

Is that more like the policy that users would expect a RDDL- and CATALOG-
aware application to follow?

Rick Jelliffe